October webinar – Handling ELT PARSNIPS using teacher and producer expertise 

PARSNIPS are always a concern for English language teachers. Should we exclude them completely, how can we avoid ones that might be particularly problematic for their students. This webinar will show how effective selection of materials combines producer knowledge with teacher expertise.
We’ll explore how to identify suitable resources and approaches to take which safeguard students and teachers alike. With these tools in mind, PARSNIPS can be allowed to grow and flourish in the classroom and enable teachers to teach in a way which fulfils the British Council’s guidelines for Equality Diversity and Inclusion.


June webinar – Integrating phonology into your English language classes

This webinar covers a number of ways to work with pronunciation in the ELT classroom and feel more confident in this teaching role. It will support you in raising learners’ awareness of various phonological features, helping to enhance spoken fluency, and improve users’ ability to listen and comprehend effectively. The main focus will be on how to work on prominence and tone units in the context of skills-based lessons, which are key aspects for intelligibility. The session also offers practical ways to integrating work on word stress into classes. The session content largely aligns with preparing learners for using English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), equipping learners to speak and listen effectively with interlocutors who may or may not have English as their first language.

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 March webinar – Effective blended learning essentials for ELT

The use of digital technology has brought fundamental changes to teaching and learning. In this context, the ‘flipped classroom’ and ‘blended learning’ are becoming more familiar terms. This webinar explores effective approaches to blended learning which help to scaffold students develop higher-order thinking skills. In the process, we’ll also consider how, and in what ways, blended learning is effective. Learners’ active involvement in knowledge acquisition and construction as they participate in and evaluate their learning is a vital element of teaching. Flipping and blending support these goals by offering essential, additional time and space for students to explore, experiment, practise and analyse to deepen their understanding.

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February webinar – Classroom research, personalised CPD and ELT

This webinar explores several easy ways to use classroom research to improve our own teaching, intuitions, and understanding of our learners. We’ll focus on simple ways to guide our classroom practice with easy-to-manage research techniques, data gathering and data analysis. As teachers, we develop and rely on our intuitions, reflections and classroom monitoring to understand learners’ needs and evaluate our work. However, so much happens in our classrooms that we can’t notice and reflect on everything as we go.

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