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Webinar series 1: Using video in ELT

Our Using video in ELT webinar series provides teachers with high quality advice from ELT EdTech experts. The webinar series shares engaging ideas, sound theory, and reliable strategies for using video with your learners.

Each expert offers many simple ways for you to enhance learning using video resources.

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Teaching with video offers thousands of possibilities for learning!

Teachers can use video resources in many ways to engage learners, develop language skills and systems knowledge, build learners’ confidence, explore identity, and develop critical thinking skills.

Video resources can inspire projects, inform students’ own research and enhance their world view, and they bring more real-world contexts into learning, but teachers often don’t receive clear guidance and support on exploiting video for learning.

Our first series of Sensations English webinars for teachers explores using video effectively in English Language Teaching. We want to help teachers feel confident and empowered using these powerful resources.

Each webinar is presented by a leading expert in video pedagogy. They share useful insights and demonstrate practical strategies to give you more confidence and develop structures for teaching using video.

  • Get expert advice on ways to add to your students’ learning using video.
  • Build your skills on how to use video in your classes.
  • Explore the impact of video news resources on engagement, intake and critical thinking.

Sensations English Teacher’s Edition

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