January 2023: Using inclusive, global materials in ELT


This webinar explores ways all learners can develop using diverse, inclusive, topical lesson content based around real-world news videos. They provide opportunities for meaningful, context-based learning in English language classrooms and feature positive representations and inclusive values. This connects to learners’ lived experience and the wider world, which raises learner interest, promotes critical thinking and enhances uptake and creative language use.

Such context-based resources often integrate a focus on equality and intersectional perspectives, which enriches the learning experience and encourages learners to make links with their existing language knowledge and usage. However, the challenge of these texts complexity often limits use of these authentic resources to higher levels. When the content is appropriate to the level and experiences of the learner, it gives students the ability and motivation to develop their voices on issues which are important to them or of personal interest.

During this webinar, we’ll consider how to approach these resources in a safe and supportive classroom environment.






Adam has extensive experience as a teacher trainer, teacher, materials writer and editor. His wide-ranging interests include teacher development, language development, identity and inclusion, classroom research, inclusive phonology and global issues. He’s a CELTA trainer, joint coordinator of IATEFL PronSIG and the ELT Specialist at Sensations English, and passionate about developing inclusive, high-quality, evidence-based approaches and learning materials.

Adam Scott

Sensations English lesson resources are great for today’s learners.


Sensations English was a finalist in the 2021 British Council ELTons award for Innovation in Learner Resources and won two British Council ELTons commendations! The first, for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, recognised the global and social range of our English learning content, covering contemporary issues and giving learners access to a wide range of issues and global English voices.


Secondly, we were the only winners of the British Council’s inaugural commendation for Environmental Sustainability and Climate Action! Our content covers such a diverse range of climate and sustainability content, opening learners’ minds to global issues and efforts to resolve them, giving learners the language to engage and raise their voices on this vital area of life.

How Sensations English works

Our lesson resources make equality, diversity and inclusion and sustainability a central element of language learning. We recognise learners as multi-competent speakers and multicultural citizens who are eager to share their ideas and engage with others on important topics in their lives.

The high-quality, global, news-based study resources take a person-centred approach, representing diverse cultures and identities across our seven learning themes. The wide range of video and article news reports includes interactive games and study tools which connect the issues with students’ language learning.

As all resources are graded at five levels (A2-C1), they make sometimes complex topics accessible to all learners. With Sensations English, it’s easy to explore language features and improve sub-skills using inclusive resources which also help to connect lessons to learners’ own situations and experiences. This helps learners to think about their own contexts and develop their own voices.