Webinar 2: Working with emergent language: Ideas and activities from the classroom – Richard Chinn & Danny Norrington-Davies 

Session 2

This webinar will focus on how teachers can create the right conditions for generating emergent language in their classes and explore the options teachers have to work with the language that emerges. We will do this by looking at how material can be used to stimulate a need for new language and what a teacher might do with this language in feedback and in interaction with students. We will then present attendees with practical ideas they can use to develop their ability to work with learner language and monitor their skills. 


Richard and Danny are experienced teachers, teacher educators and international speakers. Along with emergent language, their main interests in ELT are classroom interaction, creativity, grammar, materials development, teacher beliefs, and teacher development.

Richard Chinn & Danny Norrington-Davies 
(King’s College London & International House)

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