Webinar 2: Global Issues – Dr Amina Douidi, 

Session 3

Global issues have very local realities which our students may deal with on the daily. Issues like inequality and injustice hardly ever stay outside of the classroom, particularly if the students feel safe or engaged enough to discuss them with their teacher and the classmates. In this webinar, we will address ways language educators, through the mediation of videos, can support their students find the language and intercultural competences to talk about these issues. 


Dr Amina Douidi is a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Intercultural Communication consultant in ELT. She holds a PhD in Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics from the University of Southampton, UK, where she investigated interculturality in Algerian English textbooks and language classrooms. She is a DEI reviewer for publishers and pre-sessional EAP tutor in UK Higher Education. She also acts as Co-Chair Elect of TESOL ICIS championing contributions from teachers and researchers from the Global Majority.

Dr Amina Douidi, DEI and Intercultural Communication consultant

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