COP26 Special Edition – Climate, sustainability and ELT

The COP26 UN Climate Change Conference provides an excellent opportunity to bring sustainability and climate issues into learners’ ideas, intake and production. Through new vocabulary, analysing language, discussion, cooperative tasks, projects and in-class research activities, students connect with meaningful issues and develop their thoughts and voices.

This webinar will guide you through several teaching frameworks based on task supported teaching approaches. It will include lesson plans and resources to help you make the most of the COP26 Climate Summit in your classroom and simple ideas to build social action within your class or school. As our relationship with the environment will be an important topic long after COP26 has finished, the resources also offer great ways to integrate awareness of environmental issues and sustainability into students’ learning in general.

Whether you’re teaching face-to-face, blended or remotely, this webinar will be full of useful teaching ideas and learning activities which, with the right resources, are suitable for your classes from A2 Elementary level and above. Although our focus will be on adults and teens, many ideas will be adaptable for younger learner teaching too.

Examples of resources from Sensations English will be accessible for you to use. Click below to check out our COP26 teacher’s pack – including our COP26 resources calendar – for exciting content to use every day of the two-week COP26 Climate Summit (1-14 November), and beyond.


Adam Scott

Adam has extensive experience as a teacher trainer, teacher, materials writer and editor. His wide-ranging interests include teacher development, language development, identity and inclusion, classroom research, inclusive phonology and global issues. He’s a CELTA trainer, joint coordinator of IATEFL PronSIG and the ELT Specialist at Sensations English, and passionate about developing inclusive, high-quality, evidence-based approaches and learning materials.

Sensations English is great for sustainability

Sensations English makes environmental sustainability a central element of language learning. We’re also a 2021 finalist in the British Council ELTons awards for learner resources! Our high-quality, global, news-based study resources explicitly improve awareness of specific environmental issues across our seven learning themes. The wide range of video and article news reports include interactive games and study tools which connect the issues with students’ language learning.

As resources are all graded at five levels, the issues they raise are accessible to all learners. They make it easy to use environmental sustainability, issues and climate action to explore language features, improve sub-skills and connect report content to learners’ own lives. This helps learners to think about their own contexts and develop their own voices.

Sustainable at heart, our global resources showcasing world issues reduce paper, transport, and production waste. We recycle news agency footage, and reuse topical news to help develop language learning and sustainability.