Webinar 2: Teaching with Video: exploring methods and approaches – Vicky Saumell

Session 4

In this session, we will look at traditional and current methods and approaches that lend themselves well for teaching with video. We will describe them briefly and outline their affordances in depth by providing examples of how to use them to plan video-based lessons. The session will also explore how digital literacies, active learning strategies, critical thinking, visible thinking and creativity can be incorporated along with these methods in order to create meaningful learning experiences. By the end of the session, you will be able to make informed decisions to be able to plan video-based lessons effectively in class.


Vicky Saumell is a teacher, trainer, materials writer and presenter specialising in technology integration and project-based learning. She has worked for major publishers. She currently teaches at primary and secondary level schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a website at www.vickysaumell.com.

Vicky Saumell – Educational Consultant

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